Bester & Lauwrens Attorneys is a new Cape Town based law firm. We cover a large array of practice areas and our dedicated team of professionals have a wealth of experience.

We seek to offer bespoke legal remedies to clients from all walks of life and backgrounds.

We understand that all cases are different and that all clients have different needs and requirements. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can offer agile and flexible legal solutions to our clients to suit their unique needs.

At Bester & Lauwrens Attorneys we are environmentally and socially conscious. We therefore offer custom legal packages to clients to suit their needs and finances.

We understand that courts have become almost inaccessible to members of the public due to large fees that most attorneys charge.

Accordingly we aim to offer expert legal services to our clients at reasonable fees in order to give effect to the constitutional right which grants us all access to courts.

We are dedicated to our profession, ethical in our business and ruthless in our pursuit to bridge the gap between law and justice.

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